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Niban FG Granular Bait
Product Overview:

Niban FG Granular Bait controls Cockroaches, Crickets, Argentine,Carpenter,Thief,Pharaoh,LittleBlack,Pavement,

Odourous House and Crazy Ants.

Niban FG Granular Bait is for use in and around homes, apartments,garages,public and private Institutions, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals,Pet Stores, Zoos, Kennels, Warehouses, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Vending Machines and Food Processing Plants.

Applications Instructions:
Exterior Baiting for the control of ants, including carpenter ants, around homes and other structures:
(Treat exterior perimeter areas of structure in a band at least 2-4 feet wide at a rate of 6 ounces per 100 square feet.

In attics, be sure to apply in eaves and access drains. In warehouse, garages and basements, concentrate application along walls and baseboards.
Niban FG Granular Bait  application in areas where insect activity is most prevalent.

Apply in inaccessible areas such as cracks and crevices where insects may hid. Reapply as necessary.
Treat exterior perimeter buildings walls in a band approximately 2 feet wide and scatter bait in flower beds, leaf litter,wood piles, trash cans and refuse areas.


Food area application limited to crack and crevice treatment only.


Active Ingredient:
Orthoboric acid 5.0 %


1 lb. self applying container



Acrobat Ant

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Big Headed Ant

► Black Field Ant

► Carpenter Ant

► Citronella Ant

► Crazy Ant

Fire Ant

► Ghost Ant

► Harvester Ant

► Leaf Cutter Ant

► Little Black Ant

► Odorous House Ant

► Pavement Ant

► Pharoah Ant

► Thief Ant

► White Footed Ant


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