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Drax Dual Syringe Ant Bait
Product Overview:

Environmentally responsible
The DRAX Dual Syringe  ant bait delivery system is the most effective way to target and control a wide variety of ant infestations.

The DRAX Dual Syringe system uses environmentally responsible boric acid particles to control a wide variety of protein and sugar feeding ants, including the Pharaoh ant. This makes it a great product for hospitals, schools and restaurants where safety is paramount.

The DRAX Dual Syringe Ant Kill Gel formula for controlling common household ants is based on the ants' natural behavior and feeding habits. Adult ants ingest DRAX and return to the colony to feed the bait to other members.

The result -- the elimination of the entire colony, including the queen, for long-lasting control of ant infestations.

A university-proven ant bait treatment.
To create the most effective formula, university testing determined the food ingredients most attractive to ants.

DRAX Dual Syringe Ant Kill Gel sugar and boric acid syringe contains apple and mint to attract and control a wide variety of ants, including Pharaoh ants.

DRAX-PF boric acid syringe contains peanut butter and oil to attract and control other protein, oil and grease-feeding ants.

Efficiency tests prove DRAX Dual Syringe Ant Bait is highly effective and has long-lasting results without supplemental spraying treatments.

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Acrobat Ant

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