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Ascend Fire Ant Bait
Product Overview:

Kill fire ants with Ascend Fire Ant Bait. This bait is a favorite with professionals and homeowners who have large areas to bait for fire ants and related ants. Used to control Imported Fire Ants on turf and lawns.  Ascend Fire Ant Bait can also be used in other non-crop areas such as parks, cemeteries and golf courses.

Can also be used indoors in homes and the non-food areas of commercial buildings: warehouses, hotels, food storage areas, inedible product areas of meat packing plants, motels, supermarkets and the non-patient areas of hospitals and nursing homes.

Locate the fire ant activity. Follow the ants back to voids. Apply bait to crevices or voids where ants are active. Use up to 5 tablespoons per treatment site in a heavily traveled area. Use less Ascend in areas with less activity or if the treatment site will not hold that much bait. When applying Ascend bait to cracks and crevices, use a CentroBulb Duster to properly deliver the material to target areas.

2 lb Container

Cannot be shipped to Alaska


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