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Advance Dual Choice Ant Bait
Product Overview:

Advance Dual Choice Ant Bait stations are very attractive to a wide range of pest ants, including Acrobat Ant, Argentine Ant, Citronella Ant, Crazy Ant, Pavement Ant & others. Place them where ants are foraging and watch the results. Packaged 36 stations per resealable bag.

Has two different bait matrixes in same station. Contains the slow acting active ingredient, sulfluramid.

Ants are attracted to the bait in Advance Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations.  The bait food is carried back to the nest to kill the queen and destroy the entire colony.

To use, simply place bait stations by ant trails or close to areas where ants are present, even on food preparation surfaces of next to food.  Do not place baits on food preparation surfaces when food is being handled or no utensils that are used for food preparation. 
Advance Dual Choice Ant Bait can also be placed adjacent to walls, electrical lines, potted plants, waste receptacles, sensitive electronic equipment, inside drop ceilings and wall voids or anywhere ant problems occur.

Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations  are designed to be visually inspected, allowing monitoring.   If you see that the ant bait in certain stations are not being eaten, move them to an area of higher ant activity or where you know you will obtain better bait acceptance.   When the Dual Choice Bait Stations are empty, you will be able to see and replace them; if any stations are visibly full of gorging ants, do not disturb until empty.

Labeled for use indoors and outdoors.

 Baiting Active Ingredient: 0.5% Sulfluramid Insecticide



Acrobat Ant

► Argentine Ant

Big Headed Ant

► Black Field Ant

► Carpenter Ant

► Citronella Ant

► Crazy Ant

Fire Ant

► Ghost Ant

► Harvester Ant

► Leaf Cutter Ant

► Little Black Ant

► Odorous House Ant

► Pavement Ant

► Pharoah Ant

► Thief Ant

► White Footed Ant


► Flying Ants / Termites

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